‘Cat with No Nose’ Desperate for a Home

‘Cat with No Nose’ Desperate for a Home

Dave, the “cat with no nose,” ended up at Bath Cats and Dogs Home in Somerset, England after his owner had to move to a retirement home and was forced to leave him at the rescue shelter. Now, he’s having a difficult time finding a new home due to his unusual appearance.

“Dave is beautiful but sadly due to his looks he’s struggling to find a home,” said Bath Cats and Dogs worker Rachel Jones.

Dave, a 14-year-old tabby, had a portion of his nose removed due to a tumor. But he is in fine health, and gets along just fine despite the loss. “It doesn’t affect him at all and he doesn’t need specialist care – he just looks odd,” said Jones.

Jones added, “He’s a very loving cat and just waiting for someone to overlook his unusual feature and give him a forever home.”

Sadly, cats (and dogs) like Dave who look different are often perceived as having “defects,” and ignored by would-be adopters. Older animals face similar difficulties.

But these animals often make the best new family members, offering plenty of affection and possessing the maturity to have outgrown behaviors like chewing on shoes or clawing up furniture.

Here’s hoping Dave is adopted by someone who sees how beautiful he really is.

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  1. Dari Langone

    A true animal lover loves all animals nomatter what.The idiot who would turn him away does not deserve to have any animal.Its a pitty and hes so sweet.

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  2. Georgia eller

    Do hope this wonderful cat finds a loving home soon. I’m in USA. So hope someone in England. Takes him home
    Thank you!!!!

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  3. Kim

    He is located at Bath cats and dogs home in England

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  4. Jane

    It would be useful to print contact details for this cat?? I’ll have him but can’t locate him ?

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  5. Diana Magallanes

    Man is he in the UK ?I would take him!!! I actually prefer older cats plus he’s adorable and we can keep each other company!????

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  6. Gwen F

    Someone from the shelter needs to take him home and foster him at home. I hope he is not in the shelter right now?

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