VIDEO – Cat Walks Up to Rescuers Like a Little Kangaroo and is So Happy to Get Help

Born with a condition that left her unable to walk on all four paws, this rescued cat — now named Roo — looks just like a little kangaroo hopping around on her hind legs.

You’d think such a potentially debilitating condition would be a hinderance, but Roo — rescued by group Zeus and the Kitty Cats — ┬áis one tough kitty, and enjoys her time frolicking outdoors with her furry friends.

The surgery necessary to fix Roo’s condition would be so invasive, she is better off left as she is — and by the looks of it, she’s doing just fine.

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  1. Wendye

    Darling Roo, my love, prayers and blessings to You and the people who are lovingly caring for you. May you enjoy a long, healthy, happy and SAFE life Sweetie. xo xo xo xo xo xo

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  2. Kari

    That’s great news for Roo! Wishing her a healthy, comfortable and joyful life. So happy for her.

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  3. Name *Robert

    Roo is a great cat indeed. It is amazing how animals can adapt and adjust when they must.

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  4. Wil

    Roo I am so happy you found a furever home. Wishing you lots of happiness and love with your new family

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  5. ms

    Roo is beautiful — thank you to the wonderful Rescue who’s ensuring she leads a happy, normal, healthy life — thank you big time!

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