Use our template letter to contact your policymakers today to ask for a ban on chaining and tethering dogs!

Note: Fill in the blue with the relevant information, and visit your town/city website to determine which city officials to send to. Sending via email to your mayor, sheriff, and councilmember (if applicable) is a great first step. If you are located outside of official city limits, you can reach out to the electeds of the county. 

Dear Mayor/Councilmember/Sheriff/etc.

Greetings! My name is FIRST NAME, and I’m a resident of NAME OF CITY/TOWN. I hope you are well.

As you may know, dogs trapped at the end of a chain are denied basic needs, like exploring their surroundings, going on walks with their families, playing fetch in the park, and more. They are often left out 24/7 in all types of weather—including heat advisories, snowstorms, hurricanes, and more. Dogs are social animals, but when they are confined to the end of a chain they are forced to live in solitude.

Dogs have died at the end of a chain across the country. In Knoxville, Tennessee, two dogs were killed after they were unable to reach food or water, and in Lee County, Florida, one pit bull broke her teeth and was strangled after attempting to free herself from a painful chain. If there has been a chained dog death in your city/town, please add it here.

I  hope that NAME OF CITY/TOWN will help prevent needless deaths by banning chaining and tethering under all circumstances and to remind citizens that dogs belong inside with their families—not tied up in the backyard. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,