Cristallo, an upscale bakery chain based in Brazil, has committed to using only cage-free eggs in its supply chain, with the promise of being 100% cage-free by 2025.

First established in 1953, the chain has five locations spread throughout Sao Paulo, and decided to phase out cruel battery-farmed eggs after discussions with Animal Equality and Humane Society International.

“This is the first movement of a sequence that will be pursued in the coming years in search of a better world for the next generations,” state Cristallo on their website.

Eggs produced in battery farms are a product of intense cruelty. The chickens held captive in these hellish places live in deprivation and suffering. Hens are crammed into cages no bigger than a sheet of letter-sized paper for their whole lives. They are barely unable to move, let alone stretch their wings out.

These intelligent birds aren’t given any opportunity to perch, dust-bathe, or nest — all natural behaviors that are essential for their mental and physical well being. Physically, chickens in battery farms can suffer from feather loss, abrasions, and bruises from rubbing against the bars of their cages. Mentally, they suffer from extreme stress due to the unnatural environment.

While cage-free eggs are indeed a kinder option and we applaud Cristallo for their pledge, there is still inherent cruelty in the egg industry as a whole. The only way to ensure your meal is cruelty-free free is to choose plant-based alternatives, and we encourage Cristallo to focus on vegan products in their stores, as well.