Vegetarian food producer BOCA Foods have just announced that the majority of their products are now vegan, with 8 out of 12 offerings free from dairy or other animal products.

Animal advocacy organization Compassion Over Killing (COK) have been urging BOCA to make the shift towards plant-based products over the last year. This month, nine professional athletes who follow a vegan diet — including Olympic cyclist Dotsie Bausch and Baywatch actress Alexandra Paul — joined COK in sending a letter to the CEO of The Kraft Heinz Company (BOCA’s parent company) asking them to “offer a healthier, more sustainable, and kinder BOCA brand by ditching dairy.

“We’re thrilled that BOCA is actively responding to the sizzling demand for vegan foods voiced by thousands of Compassion Over Killing supporters as well as consumers nationwide, by ditching cruel and unhealthy dairy from its products,” said Laura Cascada, COK’s director of corporate outreach. “And we hope to see a fully vegan product line soon!”

A COK petition aimed at Kraft Heinz has garnered nearly 50,000 signatures.

The company has admirably taken notice of COK’s concerns and the growing number of people turning towards a more healthy and ethical plant-based diet; this year they introduced several new vegan items, including falafel and a vegan turkey burger.

“At BOCA, we understand there are consumers who follow a vegan lifestyle or who otherwise avoid dairy,” said BOCA brand manager Eric Palmer. “The majority of BOCA’s products are now vegan, and we’ll continue to explore opportunities to expand those vegan offerings.”