Star and Denver, two terrier-mix siblings who share a special bond, are starting a new chapter in life after finding a loving forever home.

Abandoned in rural Louisiana, along with their mother and six littermates, the brother-and-sister duo were rescued and relocated to Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.

The shelter’s staff members quickly noticed that Star wasn’t as playful as the other pups and, soon after, that she was both blind and deaf. Denver always made a concerted effort to help his sister navigate, as she learned to get around using her other senses. The more time they spent together, the more inseparable they became.

“These two really can teach us all a thing or two about sibling love,” Dora Dahlke, the manager of adoption services at Helen Woodward, told People, “and how much we can achieve with the love of a good friend.”

After witnessing the special connection between Star and Denver, the rescue made it clear that they must be adopted together. Applications from prospective guardians poured in, and staff took special care to find the pair’s perfect fit.

A local couple, Sheri and Art Armenbdariz, were chosen to be the pups new forever family, and others generously chipped in toward their new beginning.

The Armenbdariz’s two sweet new family members were sent off with a “goodbye” celebration at the rescue, which is covering specialized training to help Star adjust to her new surroundings. She shouldn’t have any problems with her favorite guide, Denver, by her side, though.

“It’s really extraordinary,” said Dahlke. “We never stop learning from animals.”