Bachelorette Alum and wildlife conservationist Blake Moynes sent a letter on Lady Freethinker’s (LFT) behalf to officials in Thailand, urging them to ban cruel photo ops with big cats after an LFT investigation revealed tigers, lions and ligers are tightly chained by the neck to concrete slabs, whipped repeatedly, and have lighter flames forced under their nostrils, all so tourists can pose with them.

LFT Tiger Investigation

In the letter, Moynes urges Thailand officials to take a stand against cruelty to animals, and forbid selfies with big cats for good.

“The video showing tigers chained tightly to concrete and other big cats pacing in small, barren enclosures with murky green water is a disgrace to these incredible animals, who are protective of their families, enjoy bathing in streams and rivers, and are also on the brink of extinction,” wrote Moynes.

LFT Tiger Investigation

The full letter is available here.

Thank you Blake for your compassion and unwavering commitment to helping save animals and the planet!

You can read LFT’s full investigation here, and be sure to sign the petition if you haven’t already, urging Thai officials to ban forced photo ops with big cats for good.

SIGN: Justice for Tigers Whipped and Chained at Thailand Zoos