A new video from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust shows one of their baby elephants playing with his trunk. This little sweetie is spinning his trunk around so fast it almost looks like a plane propeller. Adorable!

All of the elephants in this video are rescued orphans, their parents fallen victims to the ivory trade. The DSWT rescues these babies and hand-rears them until they are full grown. Once big enough and strong enough they are released back into the wilds of Africa so that they can help the survival of their species.

The world’s governments have finally started cracking down on the horrific ivory trade. China has long been one of the world’s biggest markets for ivory, but as of 2018 all trade in ivory and ivory products in the country is illegal. Hong Kong’s lawmakers have also recently voted to pass a ban, and the plan is to phase out their domestic ivory trade and ban all ivory sales by 2021. The United Kingdom recently passed the worlds toughest ivory legislation by imposing a complete ban on the sale of all ivory products.

So hopefully by the time this cute elephant is released back into the wild, he and all his friends can live their lives without a care in the world and spin and play all they want!