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Avria Myklegard

Avria Myklegard is a freelance writer and editor when she's not carpooling her kids all over the Puget Sound metro area. A lover of the outdoors, Avria is also a hiking guide correspondent for the Washington Trails Association.

Being Pet-Friendly Makes You More Attractive

Struggling to come up with the perfect way to seduce your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than your furry wing man. According to a recent study, 76% of people find a romantic partner more attractive if they’re pet friendly. Petcube, a retailer that makes cameras to record all of your companion animal’s crazy antics, conducted their first annual Valentine’s Day Survey in January with a sample of 3,771 people from all around the world.  The results: People are crazy in love with their pets. Besides pets making you more attractive, the survey also concluded that a 3-way-love-affair...

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Breaking the Deadly Silence of Eating Disorders

Canada and the United States are kicking off 2017 Eating Disorders Awareness week with campaigns designed to limit the shame and stigma of the illness. Canada’s Not A Choice campaign (February 1 through 7) is promoted by the National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC), and stresses eating disorders are not a choice, trend, or a diet that’s gone too far, but a serious illness with the highest mortality rate among psychiatric disorders. America’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (February 26 through March 4) is promoted by the National Eating Disorders Association, and this year’s theme is It’s Time to...

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Record-Setting 14 Million Pounds of Batteries Recycled in 2016

North Americans love technology — and energy-sucking technology loves batteries. Luckily, consumers are getting better at recycling them. 14 million pounds of batteries were collected in the United States and Canada in 2016, marking a 20-year consecutive increase, according to Call2Recycle, a recycling organization founded in 1994 by five battery companies that wanted to address the disposal of rechargeable batteries. This translates into 129 million pounds of recyclable material that bypassed landfills for over two decades. “Virtually all battery chemistries can be recycled,” said Call2Recycle CEO Carl Smith in an interview with Lady Freethinker. “Including your commonly used alkaline...

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Canadian Hospitals are Abandoning Visiting Hours

A grassroots movement in Canada called Better Together has gained momentum across the country to influence Canadian hospitals to rethink the long-standing (and some would say outdated) model of “family visiting hours.” The organization behind the movement, the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI), refers to a 2015 study showing that when family members are allowed to stay with their loved ones whenever they want, as long as they want, patients receive a better quality healthcare. According to the Better Together campaign, benefits of 24/7 visiting hours include fewer medication errors, fewer falls, better medical assessments and care planning,...

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Opossum Found Suffocating in Plastic 6-Pack Ring Makes Astonishing Recovery

Ringo the opossum wasn’t doing well when a homeowner in Amarillo, Texas found him unresponsive in his driveway and made a call to animal control earlier this month. When Stephanie Oravetz, founder of Wild West Rehabilitation Center, was called to help, Ringo had a plastic 6-pack ring strangling his body, was infested with maggots, and had been slowly suffocating for weeks. Since it was a late-night emergency call and the veterinarian’s office was closed, Oravetz and animal control officer Kara Pierce did triage work on the animal, removing the plastic rings and cleaning the wounds that circled his neck...

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