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Avria Myklegard is a freelance writer and editor when she's not carpooling her kids all over the Puget Sound metro area. A lover of the outdoors, Avria is also a hiking guide correspondent for the Washington Trails Association.

Target Charges Cyclone Victims $72 for Bottled Water

A pricing misunderstanding at a Target store caused outrage in the wake of a natural disaster in Queensland, Australia. On March 28, a Category 4 cyclone, nicknamed “Cyclone Debbie,” hit Australia and New Zealand. Torrential rain, sustained winds of 114 mph, and dangerous storm tides caused flooding and severe damage to coastal towns and islands. When Natalie Maher, a Queensland resident, stopped in the Bowen, Queensland, store following the disaster, she uploaded a picture to Facebook of a 24-pack of 600 ml bottles of water, priced at $72. In her Facebook post, Maher said, “Talk about price gaugeing [sic] us while...

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Climate Change Forces Albatross Chicks to Find New Nesting Grounds

Last month, fifteen black-footed albatross chicks were relocated from their native nesting grounds in the Midway Atoll in the northern Pacific Ocean to the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge in Oahu, Hawaii. With rising sea levels, the birds’ homes are in danger of being overtaken by water due to their low elevation and the location of the nests, which are built right on the sand at sea level. The project, overseen by the Pacific Rim Conservation organization and the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), is intended to start a new colony for the albatross in a naturally compatible area at...

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This New Sponge Can Actually Clean Up Oil Spills

Oil spills are catastrophic events, wreaking havoc on the environment and putting marine ecosystems in peril by killing plants and animals at every step in the food chain. Even animals lucky enough to survive being smothered by oil can have long-lasting health effects, and some habitats may never fully recover. It goes without saying that oil spill clean-up efforts are of emergency level importance, and require round-the-clock recovery efforts by professionals. Luckily for them, they just got a new tool to use in their artillery against these man-made disasters. A sponge. Ok, it’s not just a sponge. It is...

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Warning: The Salish Orca is Headed for Extinction

If we don’t act now, the Salish orca of Canada may disappear forever. Canadian Minister for Fisheries and Oceans, Dominic LeBlanc, has called for a long-overdue federal recovery plan for the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW), also known as the Orcas of the Salish Sea. Under the Canadian federal Species at Risk Act (SARA), the animals have been listed as endangered since 2001, and likewise, in the United States, they have been listed as endangered since 2005. Despite an orca “baby boom” of sorts in 2015, in which four baby orcas were born, 2016 brought seven deaths to the three pods (J,...

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Being Pet-Friendly Makes You More Attractive

Struggling to come up with the perfect way to seduce your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than your furry wing man. According to a recent study, 76% of people find a romantic partner more attractive if they’re pet friendly. Petcube, a retailer that makes cameras to record all of your companion animal’s crazy antics, conducted their first annual Valentine’s Day Survey in January with a sample of 3,771 people from all around the world.  The results: People are crazy in love with their pets. Besides pets making you more attractive, the survey also concluded that a 3-way-love-affair...

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