Another Baby Dolphin Dies for Tourist Selfies

Another Baby Dolphin Dies for Tourist Selfies

In yet another case of tourists killing wildlife for selfies, a baby dolphin has died at the grabby hands of humans who refused to just let the animal be.

The young dolphin was reportedly dragged from the ocean by beachgoers in San Bernardo, Argentina, who crowded around the victim to “pet” it. Sadly, the dolphin was no match for the throng of selfie-snapping people, and did not survive.

A statement from nonprofit World Animal Protection comments on the incident:

“This is a tragic and senseless death and sadly shows some people’s focus on obtaining an animal selfie rather than thinking of the animal’s welfare. It is so disappointing to see yet again how wild animals are treated cruelly as photo props.

If you can pet it, ride it or take a selfie with it, then the animal is likely to be suffering. Wild animals belong in the wild, and we urge beachgoers who come across a marine animal that’s been beached or washed ashore to always notify local authorities immediately for assistance.”

The unfortunate incident was caught on video and posted on Youtube:

One observer noted that the baby dolphin could be seen breathing, and was clearly alive while being passed around by the tourists for photos. Rather than returning the dolphin back to the water, the tourists continued manhandling the animal until it gasped its dying breath.

May this dolphin’s sad story serve lesson to tourists: please leave wildlife alone.

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  1. Julie Mcdonald

    This is so disturbing. Why can’t people leave well alone. Only if it’s been stranded on the beach get it back into the water ASAP, with little fuss as possible. Then it’s in mother nature’s hands.

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    • Karyn Graham

      Agree this is happening more and more no matter that innocent animals are DYING for the selfishness of IGNORANT people who honestly should be in jail for harassing and killing of an animal. Inexcusable behavior!

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  2. Kylie

    I am so sad that human beings are so selfish. That poor little darling, doesn’t deserve to be treated like a that. I really don’t know why not one person in that putrid group would not intervene and try and help this beautiful animal. Shame on all that were involved in the killing of such an amazing animal. Hopefully this will let people know we must protect and honour our wonderful wildlife.

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  3. Emma

    Dispicable humans….WHEN will people stop hurting animals for the sake of vanity and Facebook….

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  4. Kim

    Omg wtf is wrong with people they should get in trouble for harming and killing this innocent baby leave them alone ????????????????

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  5. Trisha

    Another half wit
    Breathing my air and should be locked up.
    May you walk in hell you useless $%^&*(
    Where is the help here???????

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  6. RIchard

    Shameful! Selfies with consenting humans is pretty infantile, but abusing wildlife for the amusement of idiots is unforgivable. There is something seriously amiss with such morons. Heartbreaking – makes one despair.

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  7. hobodoc

    Stupid people. How would they like it if they were held under water for pictures and they could not breath? The mother dolphin has feeling and is probably depressed as hell at loosing her child. ASSHAT’s leave shit alone!

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  8. Karen

    What is wrong with people anyways???? Seems only logical that what they were doing to this baby Dolphin was inhumain!!! I have to wonder had it been a human baby would they have they done the same thing?? Not likely….these were a bunch of insensitive, self serving, thoughtless IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :((

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  9. felineboy

    It is just too bad that the humans did not electrocute themselves mixing their electronic devices with salt water.

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  10. Jan

    The people in the selfies need to pay for their selfish act, monetary and time voluntarily.

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  11. Karen

    So sad to hear stories like this. What is wrong with people. Are you all that stupid. Smarten up and leave nature and wildlife alone. Appreciate their beauty from afar and leave ani al alone.

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  12. Allison

    I am ashamed to be part of the human race at this point. These poor animals have no voice. Innocent beautiful creatures, and all people think about is themselves and it’s sickening.

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  13. MS

    This absurdity defies common sense — let’s get some rationality, some mindfulness, and some compassion — THINK of the suffering inflicted on these beautiful dolphins — DOLPHINS MUST BE PROTECTED — WHERE is the wildlife police? — humans should be NOWHERE NEAR dolphins — the dolphins’ territory MUST be off limits to humans — STOP the unconscionable, callous & immoral cruelty to animals.

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  14. vera de weyer

    do somenthing to stop this abuse !!!! stop it now !!!!!!!!!!!

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