We’re all staying home due to the current coronavirus pandemic, but the fight for animal rights must continue. Amidst the lockdown, clever folks are highlighting the cruel and cramped conditions that factory-farmed animals are held captive in.

No longer able to stage peaceful vigils at local slaughterhouses, members of animal welfare groups, such as Los Angeles Animal Save, have taken to social media to recreate the distressing and confined environment cows, pigs, chickens and more are forced to endure.

Photos and videos with the hashtag #CoronavirusConfinementChallenge show people squashed under tables, in bathtubs, boxes or cages.

“Right now people are feeling isolated and stressed under lockdown in their own homes, which is a normal and natural reaction to confinement,” said Amy Jean Davis, the founder of L.A. Animal Save. “This experience should help people who still eat animals understand that while for us it’s temporary, for pigs, chickens, cows, and other animals exploited for food, extreme confinement in crates, cages, and pens is their entire [lives].”

Among those taking up the challenge is journalist and author Jane Velez-Mitchell, who posted a video of herself under her coffee table in a bid to represent the severely restricted space in which breeding cows are kept.

“Even if we’re isolated in our homes,” Velez-Mitchell said in her video, “we can show the world the obscene confinement that animals raised for food are kept in.”

Around 1,000 Save Movement global organizations are taking part in the challenge.