A stray kitten was rescued in Havelock, North Carolina after the city’s fire department and animal control teamed up to free him from a drain.

The tiny 7-week-old somehow found himself lodged in a pipe — with only his furry white and orange-striped head and big blue eyes peering out. When the fire department discovered him in need of help, they contacted Havelock Animal Control to join in the rescue effort, according to local news.

“The fire department heard him crying!” Lead Animal Control Officer Cheyenne Koons commented on the Friends of Havelock Animal Control Facebook page — in response to those wondering how they knew he was in there.

To free the little kitten, the fire department sliced off a chunk of the pipe and pulled him out. He was extremely wet and dirty when they pulled him free. He looked somewhat shaken up by the whole ordeal, but luckily, he was not hurt.

Photos of the rescue show the kitten swaddled up in a soft, warm blanket with wet food. He was then taken to Havelock Animal Control, where he is being cared for while he waits for a forever family.

“He is doing well,” Koons wrote in an email to Lady Freethinker. “He has not been adopted yet and is still available at our facility!”

Left: a photo of the Kitten's face looking up from in Pipe; Right: Kitten being held by rescuer wet and dirty but safe

Left: Kitten in Pipe; Right: Kitten Rescued (Both Courtesy of Havelock Animal Control)

Lady Freethinker applauds the Havelock Fire Department and Animal Control for doing everything possible to free this little kitten and help him find a loving home.