Hundreds of wild mustangs gathered in cruel government roundups will now have a safe place to call home due to the compassionate efforts of The Wild Animal Sanctuary (WAS), a Colorado-based nonprofit dedicated to rescuing large carnivores in need.

The organization acquired an old cattle ranch comprised of 22,450 acres of land, which they plan to convert to a wild horse refuge. Covered with hills and canyons, a creek, and native vegetation, this land can hold up to about 500 or so wild horses, said WAS Executive Director Pat Craig. Deer, mountain lions, bobcats, elk, sage grouse, bald eagles and other native wildlife also reside in the region.

Horses in the area have been subject to roundups by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), in which they’re cruelly removed from their range by helicopters that chase them into corrals. The horses often become separated from their herd families and suffer gruesome injuries, including breaking their limbs and snapping their necks, and deaths are common in the process.

Although more than 700 wild horses gathered in last year’s roundups are still waiting for adoptive homes, the BLM already is moving forward with its spring roundup schedule this year.

In response to the heartless roundups and to give horses the land and lives they deserve, the Wild Animal Sanctuary bought the region previously known as the Rio Ro Mo Ranch for $13.9 million.

The animal welfare organization has three other safe havens for rescued bears and big cats located in Colorado and Texas, and manages more than 33,000 acres of land for hundreds of rescued animals in their care.

To help other horses threatened by helicopter roundups, sign our petition urging the U.S. federal government to end this cruel practice immediately.

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