This Woman Has Knitted More Than 600 Sweaters to Keep Shelter Cats Warm

This Woman Has Knitted More Than 600 Sweaters to Keep Shelter Cats Warm

Despite frigid temperatures taking over the United States this winter, shelter cats in Laureldale, Pennsylvania, are staying cozy with the help of a woman named Frances “Franny” Cronan.

After being approached by a woman while knitting at a farmers market in 2010, Franny began her kitty blanket journey, and has since knit over 608 blankets for the Humane Society of Berks County in Reading. And she’s nowhere near done.

“As soon as I get twenty or so, I take them in right away, and I always make sure that I visit all the kitties,” said Franny. “I would love to take them all home!”

She jots down the number of blankets she drops off in a notebook each time she visits the shelter.

“Every time I look at this little book, I just can’t believe that I’ve done so many,” she said. “It’s just unbelievable.”

Friends and strangers alike donate yarn to the shelter, allowing Franny to continue her work.

While some of the blankets are still at the shelter, most of them have found their way into forever homes with the cats they belong to. When a cat is adopted, its blanket is adopted, too.

Not only is this initiative a perk for the kitty’s owner, but it also makes the transition from shelter to home easier for the cat, as the familiar blanket provides comfort in a new setting.

Franny will continue to knit blankets for the shelter kitties so long as there is yarn to knit with.



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  1. Kate Mabry

    To: Ms. Francis Cronan:

    You are my heroine. What a kind, compassionate and loving act for your local animal shelter. You have a beautiful giving heart and I am touched by your benevolence! Kudos to you as you will one day have many crowns in heaven!

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  2. june bullied

    wonderful lady. God bless her

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  3. deb galarneau

    Thank You so much from the hearts and souls of our family. Your a earth angel!!!!
    The Galarneau family

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  4. Elizabeth Fuller

    This is beautiful!! What a wonderful lady!!! Xx

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  5. Lisa kuhn n'y de cg

    Great work! For those who can’t knit or crochet but can sew, perhaps you could cut up old sweaters, yours or from charity shops, and just bind up the edges??

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  6. Gayle Shumate

    Thank You for this story. I have a bunch of yarn that needs a good home and I’m going to send it to Ms.Franny to help her continue her wonderful work.

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  7. EB

    She is Righteous. She’ll pass thru the Pearly Gates when He calls for her. She will receive the greatest gift of all, eternity with our Lord and Savior.

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  8. Robyn Knorr

    People like Franny are hard to find so when you come across them you find the most beautiful stories attached to them. The kitties and the shelter would be so appreciative of this lovely lady.

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  9. J. Martin

    What an awesome, sweet lady. If only more were like her

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  10. Juliette Smith

    Thank you so much Franny, how sweet of you!! 🙂

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  11. She and She

    Great what ever she knitted helping to keep the cats and kittens warm.

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  12. Bev

    A big thank you to Franny! I live in MN and if I knew how to knit I would do that for the shelters here. THOSE KITTIES ARE SO LUCKY TO GET ONE OF YOUR BLANKETS!

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  13. Terry

    Kind lady to do this for the kitties. ♥♥♥ But why have you put in your heading that she knitted 600 sweaters when in fact it was blankets, not sweaters she knitted according to your article???

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