A stray kitten miraculously found his way to a loving home after running out onto a busy highway in Kuwait and hitching a 30-mile ride out with a caring rescuer.

Laila D’Souza noticed a tiny black and white kitten running terrified on the side of the highway. When she pulled her SUV over into the emergency lane, the kitten ran directly under her car, One Green Planet reported.

D’Souza immediately looked for the small feline, but after 10 minutes of searching, she had to move the vehicle and proceeded on her drive home — going slowly, with hopes that she would not injure the kitten should he still be there. When she arrived, she looked again for the cat — and eventually heard a tiny meow.

“I’m not sure how he hung for his life for 23 minutes straight but he did,” she posted on TikTok.

With the assistance of a roadside service technician, D’Souza freed the kitten after hours of dedicated effort. She described the kitten as “terrified and exhausted” but unhurt, named him Hitchy, and started proving lots of tender loving care through her organization Rescue for Winston, which helps cats in need of homes and is named for D’Souza’s first cat, Winston, who died tragically during a flight to Kuwait.

“With some proper TLC, he went from a scared feral kitten to a total love bug,” Rescue for Winston said in a TikTok post.

Winston has since found a loving forever home in the United States, D’Souza said.

“Hitchy got adopted!!!” she posted on Instagram. “Im so grateful to everyone that helped make this happen. Life works in weird ways, and taking that wrong highway turn was one of the best decisions I (accidentally) made. Good luck in your new life Hitch!!

The hopeful message — and act of kindness — resonated with viewers on social media.

“I’m so happy he found you!” said one TikTok commenter. “And thank you for stopping. I wish there were more ppl like you.”