VIDEO: Woman Quits Her Day Job to Foster Kittens Full Time

Fostering kittens is hard work — and nobody knows that better than Chrissy Morris, who dedicated her home to caring for rescued cats from her local shelter.

But it’s also a dream job.

That’s one reason Chrissy quit her day job to care for these cats in need. And while the adorable felines with their “kitten emergencies” can be a handful, she says that nothing else could make her so happy.

Thank you, Chrissy, for saving these kitties and giving them the loving care they so desperately need.

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  1. Trudi

    GOD Bless you for doing such a wounderful thing to help little babies have a happy loving start in life .there are so many that just dont have someone like you to give them a chance I rescue and help stray cats in a county that dosent like cats .I see so much sadness in these cats .I loved watching your video .GREAT JOB

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  2. Summernole

    You are a wonderful person, Chrissy. Thank you for fostering all these kitties! I would love to do what you do but am afraid I would be a foster failure and I already have two dogs, two cats and two birds. I would fall in love with each and every one of them.

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  3. Sue Mitchel

    how did she afford to quit her job to do this?

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  4. Anya

    Thank you Chrissy ! These kittens sure have a good mom !

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  5. Linda

    Wonderful. I’ve fostered quite a few kittens and older cats too, who showed up at my back door since I’m near a park. I haven’t seen any lately since I rescued a big lab. I still have one of the former kittens, he’s a one-eyed sweetie. He’s the youngest, the others have passed on. I haven’t had any new kittens born around here due to the dog’s presence, I assume.

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  6. Kylie T

    Yes; thanks Chrissy, you are an inspiration!

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  7. louie pepino

    you are truly heaven sent. bless more animals..

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  8. Maria King

    If more people took time off to care for vulnerable, sick, or, abandoned Cats and Dogs? The World would be a far Better Place!

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  9. Heidrun Baar


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  10. KatWrangler Welch

    Chrissy and Ed are angels ❤️
    Prayers that Karma sends them everything they need, for them and their little fosters.

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  11. KatWrangler Welch

    Foster Failure here, too ❤️

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  12. MaryLou Otero

    Three simple words…G-D BLESS YOU!!

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  13. Sheila T.

    What a heartwarming story of true love and dedication. The video was beautiful and brought tears of joy to me watching all the happy cats and kittens running around and full of life. Many thanks and hugs to Christie and Ed, young people full of compassion, concern and love for the lives of those animals.

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  14. ann garner

    Compliments to such a kind ,caring person.You have my admiration and respect for the help you give these needy kittens.

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  15. Carmel

    You are such a wonderful, incredible person. So many animals need love and caring and it’s people like you who make their lives worthwhile. Thank you for taking in these beautiful kittens.

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  16. Sarah

    I just wish there were more people like Chrissy and Ed in this world. I’ve fostered, ended up keeping four, experienced the upset and happiness of animal rescue and seen first hand the cruel attitudes and harm done to animals. This story made me cry as such caring human beings can be hard to find. If you adore animals and have the time and money to care for them do go into fostering, there are thousands upon thousands of animals needing the true love they deserve to help them find their forever homes.

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  17. Melissa

    Thank you for showing me there still is some good people in this world. You are angels to these kittens. God Bless you for doing it. Give those kittens lots of hugs & kisses for me.

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  18. Elizabeth Conlan

    What a wonderful woman and her boyfriend, thank you for all the hard and dedicated work that you do.

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  19. Patti

    I’m so proud of you! I rescued 5 kittens just 2 weeks old and I know what it was like. Around the clock feedings and cleaning all the time. Just like when you are a new human mom. People that haven’t foster kittens have no idea that kittens can’t keep their body temperature stable and must be kept warm to eat. They must also get their butts rubbed to stimulate them to pee. I mean it’s a really big job. I have 4 dogs. I swore I wouldn’t keep any of the cars but they were all black. I ended up keeping 2 of them and I can’t imagine my life without them!! They love me back as if to say thank you for saving my life. It’s trully sweet every day!

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  20. Kim Hillard

    Chrissy you are doing a wonderful thing. Theres not alot of people would do what your doing. Good job keep it up. Wish i could foster cat but i have family member allergic to them.😇😻

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  21. cindi scholefield

    Lovely people and they are bringing healing and happiness to so many cats. I wonder though if she gives up her job, how does she compensate for the lack of earnings? Does the rescue centre actually pay the foster? I don’t know how the system works. Anyone?

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    • Jen

      Hi Cindi,

      I’ve personally never known of a rescue center that compensated fosters, but that doesn’t mean that maybe there is one out there with the funds to actually do so? Anyone else ever heard of this?
      I have a friend who regularly fosters kittens in MO and it’s def a volunteer-based program, no compensation. It seems more likely to me that this family is simply well off enough that she didn’t actually need that day job at all to begin with & prob had it merely for something to do/a way to meet people/etc. (But I could be wrong abt this.)

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  22. Cathy

    I wish more could do what you’re doing. I think you’re a beautiful person with a huge heart.

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  23. Giudi

    There are some beautiful hearted people in the world

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  24. Ron & Benji

    Tisa: I couldn’t say it better myself. So I’ll just say, Thank You to YOU! Especially, I cried along with you. This family is so wonderful, the Lord will have a Special place for them… Thanks for sharing this.

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  25. Anya

    Thank you Chrissy, God Bless you. Love you cats and kittens.

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  26. Leanne

    Thanku Chrissy and Ed for goung such a wonderful job with those kitties.

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  27. Peggy

    What an amazing & wonderful couple! I know Chrissy’s parents must be so incredibly proud of her. This was such an inspiring video.

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  28. Carl Jones

    Edward Scissorpaws! What a cute name. It certainly takes a special person to foster cats. I would end up keeping them for myself, ha!

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  29. Shannon Lack

    In a failed foster of eight! To shy or still but feral didn’t show well at adoption events. I love them even my weird ones. I encourage them to be themselves and they have thrived in my home. God bless you and you BF for your work

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  30. Roger Ewing

    You are a blessing. I have three rescue cats and each one is a joy. Wish I had room for more.

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  31. Janice

    What a beautiful story! Those kitties are lucky they have someone like her!!! ❤️

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  32. Tisa

    Chrissy and Ed you are delightful. And wonderful. I loved watching your video. I cried along with you. So glad those kittens have you. I did cat rescue in California. I felt so guilty that I wasn’t able to spend more time with them. (I had to work). That is wonderful that you could quit your day job and take perfect care of those babies. Thank you for all you do.

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