A Wisconsin man reunited with his dog after seeing his best friend on television, just over two years after he went missing.

Dwight Gary’s dog, Payday, fled his family’s yard in July 2019 after fireworks spooked him. Despite an extensive search, Gary never found him.

But when local news channel Fox 6 Milwaukee aired a feel-good segment for a lovable dog “Mason” looking for adoption, Gary couldn’t believe his eyes.

“That’s not Mason!” Gary reportedly called out with joy. “That’s most definitely Payday!”

Gary said he recognized Payday’s distinctive underbite and immediately contacted the news station. The station, which regularly features pet adoptions for the Wisconsin Humane Society, put him in touch with the organization.

After comparing family photos, Humane Society staff agreed that “Mason “was indeed Gary’s dog.

The two reunited in a heartwarming moment caught on camera.