On October 30, after more than two weeks without their puppy, Chaos, a Woodland, Oregon couple named Guy and Joy were reunited with their precious pooch.

Chaos was reported stolen on October 13, and the police appealed to the public for help finding him. He was taken from his fenced-in front yard.

According to a spokesman with the Multnomah County Animal Services, Chaos was found running near Jantzen Beach on October 26 by a stranger.

Thanks to the diligent efforts of good Samaritans and law enforcement, the pup was rescued. Eventually, it was proven that Guy and Joy are Chaos’s rightful pet parents.

If there was any residual doubt about who Chaos’s mom and dad are, it was surely eliminated the moment they were brought back together. Chaos was just as excited to see Guy and Joy as they were to see him – experience the heartwarming and exciting reunion for yourself by watching this video!