VIDEO: Truck Driver Rescues Chicken who Fell off Slaughterhouse Truck, and Now They’re Best Friends

Truck driver Warren Padgette was driving down the highway in Washington and saw an unusual sight: a chicken, lying limp in the middle of the road. Padgette approached the fallen bird, assuming she was dead. But then her eyes blinked, and he knew he was looking at a survivor.

The chicken had fallen off a truck headed to the slaughterhouse. But instead of being killed that day, she made a new best friend, who took her home for a refreshing bath and blow-dry.

Padgette and the chicken — now aptly named Lucky — are inseparable these days. She loves to cuddle and perch on his shoulder. She looks like a whole new bird now, no longer pumped with hormones and plagued with bald patches from the inhumane factory farm conditions.

Learn how you can help stop the suffering of birds like Lucky with PETA’s vegan starter kit.

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  1. natasha salgado

    The sweetest story+what a special man that is! Still waiting on that lab meat in our supermarkets so billions of chickens+other animals won’t ever see the inside of a disgusting factory farm-transport truck or laughterhouse.

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  2. Carl

    This is wonderful, I wish they could ALL be rescued. I haven’t eaten chicken or any meat in maybe 20 years, and I DON’T miss it! If everyone went vegan or vegetarian, those slaughter houses would all go out of business.

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  3. Gerri debeer

    God Bless this kind gentleman for rescuing an injured animal. The world needs many more of this kind of human being.

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  4. Rachael Markson

    May God bless you everyday Warren. You are a WONDERFUL person!!

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  5. leanne

    What a wonderful man. Stories like this renew my faith in humanity. May the they have a long and beautifil friendship.

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  6. Mary Fishburn

    What a wonderful man, and one lucky chicken! I wish everyone would go vegetarian.

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  7. Bert Gedin

    Warren and Lucky truly deserve each other !!! This happy story really made my day !!!

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  8. Cindy Araya

    So happy for you Lucky sweetheart!

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  9. Joanne Bergeron

    Finally a positive and good story, the slaughter should stop completely!

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  10. Brian Pigeau

    Warren you are an awesome human being and you have made my week my friend. I also wish we could save them all. The deplorable conditions these and many other poor factory farm animals are put through is sickening and should be illegal. You should be extremely proud of yourself, you made a difference in one very “LUCKY” chickens life. Bless you.

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  11. cindi scholefield

    Isn’t it remarkable how a tiny helpless creature can captivate a big strong man? They each learned so much from the other, including respect, trust and love. God bless ’em both. I hope they have plenty years together.

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  12. lisa kuhn

    god bless you warren (my grandfather’s name)! i have 2 hens for eggs. they are lovely little animals. it is nice to have good news.

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  13. Vince L

    Thank you Warren. Thank you! There is hope in humanity yet.

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  14. Colette Hulett

    Warren Padget you are a real man and a hero. May God bless you and your family for your good and kind deeds, I am sure there are many more.


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    • lisa kuhn

      hey guys, i’d love to date a guy like this! bet all of us would. just be kind to everyone/thing!

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  15. Chris

    Beautiful such a shame there bred like that it really intruly saddens me

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  16. Karen Davis

    This is a beautiful story. Dear Warren and Lucky and little foster chicks, may you be happy together every day. Chickens are precious and so are those who see them for who they are – intelligent, sensitive, loving birds. Thank you for giving Lucky a chance to experience Life as something other than misery and cruelty.

    Karen Davis, President, United Poultry Concerns, promoting the compassionate and respectful treatment of chickens and other domestic fowl and (needless to say) a vegan diet and lifestyle.

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