VIDEO: Tiny Dog Rescued from Mexico Rubble 6 Days After Quake

Six days after Mexico City was ravaged by an earthquake, there seemed little hope of finding anyone alive among the rubble.

But a Japanese rescue team was thrilled to find one more tiny survivor — a schnauzer, who they managed to pull from the ruins of a collapsed apartment building.

The lucky dog was checked out by vets, and had somehow managed to remain in good health. Authorities now hope to reunite the schnauzer with her family as soon as possible.

Thank you to rescuers who travelled from around the world to save lives — both human and animal — in the wake of this tragic disaster.

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  1. MS

    Beautiful — thank you to the wonderful rescuers for having great noses — job well done!

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  2. Caterina Moynihan

    IN what city did this happen? What was the date?

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  3. Nadja Calderon

    Thank you guys and God bless you for saving that little baby.

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  4. Leanne

    I am so glad that this little dog was found alive after all that time. I hope that it wasn’t hurt badly or at all.

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  5. Leanne

    Congratulations to the rescue workers. Job well done.

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  6. Wendy Cunningham

    Awww thatvis brilliant so glad

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  7. Kristee McGuirl

    Thank you for this heartening, uplifting story. God bless the rescuers who worked so hard and cared so much to save this little dog! This completely made my day.

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  8. susana

    Hermosa labor humana y tambien la de los animales rescatistas esto es un ejemplo de que cuando queremos estamos unidos animales y seres humanos —–pero que no solo sea en casos como estos cuando podemos ser hermanos todos y ayudarnos y valorar a los animales tambien

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  9. Krish

    Awesome! Thank you and God bless the rescuers for saving lives.

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  10. Melisa

    This was so beautiful to watched, thanks Japan, thanks for giving us a hand when we need it to… thanks to all of the countries who came here and help us with all of your heart. and thansks for rescue this Little guy!!!!

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  11. linda

    nice to see there are still some compassionate people left in the world nice job well done

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  12. Liz Azevedo

    Hermoso!!! Todas las vidas son preciosas .All living things deserve our love and respect.

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