When a kitten was spotted searching for food outdoors in Jackson County, WV, just weeks before Christmas, rescuers from Operation Fancy Free knew they had to act fast. They set traps in hopes of catching the tiny fuzzball before temperatures dropped dangerously low. Once they caught the kitten, they took him to the vet. Much to his relief, they shaved off his matted and knotted fur.

The kitten, named Sid, was initially very shy around humans due to his limited contact with them – he’d most likely spent his entire life as a stray prior to being rescued. His patient foster mom, Kathy, discovered that he loves head scratches and that he was slowly becoming more comfortable around humans.

Sid’s days as a stray are finally over – he’s found a forever home with the Braley family and warmed up to their dog right away. His new family believes that with enough love and patience, they will earn his trust. They’ve vowed not to give up on Sid and have given him the second chance at life that so many strays deserve.