VIDEO: Stranded Octopus Thanks Man for Releasing It

A kind man found an octopus stranded on the beach at Cyrene Reef, dehydrating in the sand after the tide had washed it ashore. The man gently scooped up the sea creature in a cup and returned it to the water.

In a seeming gesture of gratitude, the octopus — now hydrated back to health — approached the man and touched a tentacle to his shoe. The “embrace” lingered for a few seconds before the octopus swam away.

We may never really know what the octopus was thinking, but these highly intelligent animals are known to exhibit social behaviors.

Thank you, kind rescuer, for returning this octopus to its home in the sea.


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  1. Leslie

    Now that is incredible and beautiful. Animals are so much more amazing and so much more capable of emotion and thought than we give them credit for. Animals come first for me, humans second.

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  2. Shasha

    Yes…I agree it said thank you many times and yes…the touch was heart felt. I am glad to see this happen. I pray all wildlife/animals/birds/cats/dogs/people have a good happy/healthy/free long life. Some people believe in reincarnation. Animals have personalities and see human almost.

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  3. nancy

    If only all people treated them with such kindness and respect instead of killing them or allowing them to be killed, and in brutal ways, to be eaten. Have a peanut butter sandwich for god’s sake, and treasure the amazing creatures with whom we share the world.
    Humans = selfish.
    Thank you kind man for appreciating that amazing little guy.

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  4. Lisa Blanck

    They’re so much smarter than us.

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  5. Naila M Sanchez

    How wonderful!! God bless this dear man and the octopus!!

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  6. Selma Kelly

    Completely amazing!! That was an in–your–face Thank you!

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  7. karen

    I could see the face of the octopus clearly look up at you !! Amazing

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