It’s no small task catching a giraffe, but to save this majestic creature, that was doctor’s orders. The gentle giant had gotten a piece of wire stuck around its neck, and every minute it remained increased the chances it would cause damage and inflict pain.

Animal rescuers in the Democratic Republic of Congo were tasked with subduing the giraffe in order to free it from the wire. The workers, who’d never subdued a giraffe before, called in expert help from experienced big game veterinarians Neil and Ian Parsons, a father-and-son team based in the neighboring country of Zambia.

It was important for the team to help the giraffe before the wire around his neck became more constricting and cut into his flesh. Sedating a giraffe is a delicate procedure requiring utmost accuracy and speed. The crew’s first step was to sedate him using a tranquilizer dart.

The team then rushed to bring the giraffe to the ground. Once he was down, Neil Parsons swiftly positioned himself atop the animal and injected him with an antidote to reverse the effects of the tranquilizer. The giraffe was freed from the wire and ran back into the wild. According to his rescuers, he’s in good health and has resumed his normal day-to-day life.

Thank you to the crew and veterinarians for their remarkable efforts resulting in the successful rescue of this noble creature!