VIDEO: Rescuers Dig Out Four Baby Elephants Stuck in Well

A farmer tending to his crops in Sri Lanka Wednesday morning came across an unusual sight: four elephant calves were stuck in a slippery well, and could not climb out.

The farmer alerted wildlife officials, who quickly realized it would take some serious gear to free the trapped pachyderms. So they brought in a backhoe, and dug out a tunnel to allow the elephants to escape. Since the rescue lasted for four hours, they also brought food to the elephants, and sprayed them down with water.

Finally free, the elephants were chased back into the wilderness, where they would be safe. May they live long, happy lives.

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  1. Allison Anderson

    Thank all of you beautiful people for saving these majestic creatures!!

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  2. Carl


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  3. Rachael

    Really nice to see people go thru so much to help these beautiful elephants! Unfortunately I only saw 3 come out..I’m sure the 4th one made it out?? I just didn’t understand the shooting of fire (not sure what they were?).

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    • cindi scholefield

      Rachael I think the fireworks were designed to scare the babies and set them running off, so they wouldn’t be tempted to come back in that area and fall in again. I agree with you though, it’s great to see people making that much effort to complete the rescue.

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      • Rachael Markson

        Thanks so much for your reply Cindi..that makes sense now that you explained it. I was thinking..what’s going on here?? Thank you again!!

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  4. Dean

    What is it with ‘children’ and wells?

    It is heartening to see that not everyone has been consumed by their own selfish evil!

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  5. Shasha

    Awesome help! Thank you for saving the elephants! God bless!

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  6. Eileen Nellic

    Thousands of dogs, cats, and other wild life animals fall into these wells which are all over India. Why don’t the countries rescue centres put slabs of concrete or iron across them. Thank goodness these else were rescued in time.

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  7. leanne

    Thank you to that farmer who alerted the rescue workers and a big thank you to rescue workers who dug those baby elephants out and set them free. Wonderful to hear that there are still people who care about the welfare of animals.

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  8. Debbie

    Thank you for saving the elephants. Please fix the deep wells.

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  9. Lynn Marie Bailey

    Wonderfully refreshing. Good luck Ellies’. ????????????????????????????????

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  10. Peta Sams

    Thats really great the Elephants got out free.

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  11. anil basant


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