VIDEO: Rescued Horse Sees Snow for First Time Ever, Acts Just Like Puppy

Bella the rescue horse was thrilled when she encountered snow for the first time!

The steed, originally from Florida, had never been in this sort of weather until her relocation to Michigan. During the first snowfall of the season, she discovered that she absolutely loves it!

In this video, captured by her human guardian Stacey Pierce Dadd, Bella frolics on the freshly blanketed ground. According to Dadd, Bella had seen snow falling before, but this was her first experience with it actually sticking to the ground.

Stacey and Bella first met at Hope Equine Rescue in Auburndale, Florida, where Dadd was a volunteer. Stacey adopted Bella after caring for the horse for two years and moved north, where Bella discovered her love for winter weather!

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  1. Kylie T

    It’s beautiful stories and happily ever afters that really bring a smile to my face.

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  2. Blane

    Comforting to see an animal not being abused. Enjoying freedom and fun.

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  3. Gyselinck

    Je suis content pour ce cheval en plus sais ma passion sais comme ça que ça devrais être avec tout les animaux

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  4. Anonymous

    My horses love the snow they do zoomies and actually have horse snowball fights! Their antics make me laugh out loud and I adore watching them!

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  5. Sheila T.

    This is such a great story and video. I love to see animals like this horse frolicking and just so happy for life. Many hugs and thank you to Bella’s rescuer, Stacy. You are a true hero!????????????

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  6. Rick Tobby

    So nice to see these enjoying this.

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  7. Gyselinck

    Je suis content pour ce cheval en plus sais ma passion

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  8. linda

    Nice to see a video that is of beauty and joyful and happy for a change.

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  9. Valerie Benson

    Thank you for adopting this beautiful horse. And thank you for sharing the video. I actually cried tears of joy watching her play. It made my day.

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  10. Sassy

    So lovely to watch a gorgeous animal having fun. Really cheered me up, thank you!

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  11. cindi scholefield

    I’m surprised she is enjoying the snow so much, considering her origins, but it sure is beautiful to watch.

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  12. Jewel Atwood

    So good to see a happy animal for a change……so many awful pics of abused aniimals…this horse is having a ball ….Love it

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  13. Deb

    What a wonderful story!
    Thanks for sharing
    You made my day! Thank you for opening your home to this beautiful horse and giving her a home to feel wanted

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  14. Deanna Horton

    Yeah!! Thank you for rescuing Bella!! She’s so happy:)) The world needs more heroes like you:))

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  15. Jonathan Prynn

    If only everyone on this planet were kind, what a wonderful world that would be.

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    • Sassy

      How very true. It surely would be a wonderful place.

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  16. Bev

    HOW ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL FOR BELLA!! It made me smile – thanks to her rescuer and savior.

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  17. mari smet (@greentimes999)

    Thank you a million times for Rescuing Bella — the more horse rescuers like you, the better for the planet, especially the horses — thank you for having the resources, land, plenty of space & food, care & love — horses deserve to to have a happy and healthy life — THANK YOU for bringing this to them!

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  18. natasha salgado

    Just a joy to watch! thanks

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  19. Leanne

    I am so happy for Bella that she has a loving forever home and that she is having so much fun.????????

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  20. Melita Spackman

    This is just beautiful. Enjoy the snow Bella.

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  21. LMS

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Blessings to Bella for a long happy life full of love & heartfelt appreciation to Stacey for opening your heart and home to her!! This was the BEST NEWS OF THE DAY (in addition to my 20 year old kitty finally pulling through a very hairy health issue today). Thank you for sharing the beauty of your story, it came to me when I desperately needed to smile!!! Many more years of smiles to you!

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  22. Amy Pruitt

    This is just precious!! I’m so happy Bella has a furever home where she is loved and cared for, and hopefully spoiled!!

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  23. Misty Pratte

    This is beautiful. I’m so happy Bella was rescued and is enjoying life. God bless you Bella – enjoy the snow, your safety and the love you receive.
    God bless all animals and people who protect and care for them. Xoxo

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    • Gail

      Well said. I often pray to God to help abused and neglected animals. Gail

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  24. B. Maurene White

    Love that Bella makes a hors version of snow angel!

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