This beautiful female terrier, named Abby, was callously placed in a box and surrendered at just eight weeks old. The tiny, terrified pup was shaking and her face was covered in blisters.

Abby may be small, but she has a big spirit. Despite being in a scary situation, she couldn’t stop wagging her tail. A woman named Dina saw Abby’s will to live and decided to foster her.

For the first few weeks, Abby’s condition didn’t improve. Despite Dina’s efforts to help her regain a sense of safety and trust among humans, Abby laid in her cage and cried. Even the vet couldn’t figure out what was ailing poor Abby – until a battery of tests revealed that she suffers from a rare, but treatable, skin disease.

With proper treatment, Abby quickly became the lively, playful pup that she deserves to be, and she’s ready for a forever home. She still suffers from the effects of her skin condition and has an adorable underbite that has put a seemingly permanent smile on her face, and she’s eager to be adopted by the right family, who will love her unconditionally.