Priyanka the elephant’s days are filled with much-deserved leisure after being rescued from a life of slavery. Her previous owners, who now face criminal charges, forced Priyanka to walk through India’s hot streets daily while people climbed on and rode her. To make her cooperate, they threatened her with bull hooks and chains. This abuse went on for 40 years.

Rescued at last, Priyanka was relocated to the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre and finally began recovering from multiple health problems caused by decades of living in cruel captivity. Her new life includes activities such as strolling through open fields, giving herself dust baths, scratching on trees, and munching on greens – which you can watch her doing in this video. After spending most of her life isolated from other elephants, Priyanka has even made a new elephant friend, Laxmi.

Priyanka’s story reminds us that even after years of abuse and neglect, every animal is worth rescuing and can regain quality of life.