In a miraculous story of triumph over tragedy, Hope, an aptly-named pregnant mare who survived a horrific shooting in Floyd County, Ky., has given birth to a healthy foal.

Hope was one of only three horses to live through a horrifying act of violence when at least 20 horses from a free-roaming herd were shot in December of last year. The other two survivors were her foals, a colt named Knox and a filly named Diamond.

It was a difficult journey for Hope, as she was nursing her foals and herself back to health while pregnant.

“She was extremely malnourished, I mean almost like skin and bones, and then on top of that she’s pregnant,” said Outreach Manager at the Kentucky Humane Society Equine CARE Savannah Gregorchik. “We were really worried about her nutrition and her energy levels since she was carrying.”

Amazingly, after Hope received adequate care and attention, she successfully brought a beautiful new life into this world.

“SURPRISE! We are excited to share that Hope foaled a healthy colt at Willow Hope Farm on Sunday morning!,” exclaimed a Facebook post, announcing the happy arrival. “The colt is properly nursing and shares a strong bond with Hope. Our team is routinely checking on the duo ensuring that the foal is progressing well in his first 48 hours of life.”

Hope has certainly lived up to her name, and it is a testament to her strength that what started as a tragic story has such a wonderful outcome.

Unfortunately, justice has still not been served for Hope and her foals. Police have not found the shooter. If you haven’t already, sign Lady Freethinker’s petition urging the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office to use all available resources to find and charge the perpetrator(s) of this horrific act.

SIGN: Justice for 21 Horses Hunted Down and Massacred