VIDEO: Plenty of Snuggles for Passengers on Japan’s First Cat Train

The commute in Gifu prefecture, Japan got a whole lot cuter for passengers on board the cat cafe train.

About 30 adoptable cats roamed freely on the train, raising awareness of the problem of stray cat culling in Japan and encouraging riders to consider bringing a feline friend or two into their homes.

Although culling numbers are down significantly in Japan, tens of thousands of cats are killed in the country each year.

The adorable event was a collaboration between Yoro Railway Co Ltd and Kitten Cafe Sanctuary. Let’s hope many of these frisky kitties found new homes that day.

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  1. JIm Corriere

    Please use the term guardianship in lieu of ownership. Thank you.

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  2. Terresa de Villiers

    Good idea

    But don’t the kittens and cats get off at stations where their is no one who will look after them?

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  3. Ellen McConnell

    LOVE this train! America must do this also!

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  4. Dean

    Nice idea as long as the train isn’t too crowded during rush hour. Any event that connects homeless strays with people they can work on adopting is a good one. Go kitties!

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  5. Leanne

    What a novel idea. That said though I am concerned that the cats will wonder off when the doors of the train open at the various stations they stop at. I am also concerned that when and if the train becomes overcrowded the cats may be stepped on, squashed or bags may placed on top of them by accident or accidentally dropped on top of them. The cats may bite or scratch someone. Also some people are allergic to cats. Some people don’t like them or simply prefer not to be around them. What if a blind person gets on with a seeing eye dog and they don’t get along or the cats simply aren’t comfortable around the dog? All that aside though it might be just what the doctor ordere for a cute and cuddly morning/afternoon commute.

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