An animal rescue worker in Rosyth, Scotland, battled the elements to rescue dozens of hedgehogs after severe flooding threatened to drown them in their shelter.

Nadia Al-Dujaili, who operates the Forth Hedgehog Hospital, realized that the 38 hedgehogs housed in a custom-built area in her garden were in danger as the water level rapidly rose, flooding the creatures’ sanctuary.

“I was waist deep in water getting them all out and thankfully I managed to get them out and into boxes and cat carriers,” Al-Dujaili explained. “They are all safe and that’s the main thing … it could have been much worse.”

The hospital cares for sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs. Once rehabilitated and deemed self-sufficient, the staff releases them back into the wild. The rescued animals are currently living in Al-Dujaili’s house until their own home is dry enough for them to return.

Watch this video to see how these lucky and adorable hedgehogs are settling into their temporary accommodation.

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