A captivating video of a one-eyed bull terrier mix reveals that her trust and desire for human love was far from destroyed when she suffered a horrendous attack.

Bubbles — after being shot in the head and brutalized as a tiny six-month-old puppy — found her loving foster parents Kilyn Horton Blanchard and Ike Blanchard. The duo recorded the brave dog’s journey, as she underwent a series of operations to remove her injured eye and mend her shattered jaw.

In the video, Bubbles’ happy disposition and calm nature is on full display, as she nuzzles up to people, happily sitting on laps and being carried around as if she doesn’t have a care in the world. She gently takes treats, plays with toys and wags her tail.

It isn’t just humans Bubbles loves unconditionally, either. She relishes bounding and leaping about with her canine playmates.

“She loves every person she meets and wants to play with every dog she meets,” Kilyn said. “She does not seem to carry any reminders of her past, or hold any grudges.”

Bubbles’ friendly and sociable temperament makes her the perfect pooch to help raise awareness about animal abuse and the resiliency of our furry friends – the brave and adorable pup is now an Instagram sensation with over 68,000 followers!