Senior dogs are living out their golden years safely and comfortably thanks to nonprofit rescue Marty’s Place in Upper Freehold Township, N.J., which is dedicated specifically to elderly canines.

The decision to focus on older dogs came because they’re less prone to adoption than younger dogs.

“The chances of an older dog being adopted and leaving a shelter is not as great as for a puppy,” the founder of Marty’s Place, Doreen Jakubcak, told ABC7, “so we decided we wanted to help senior dogs.”

The sanctuary is filled with fun activities for the aging pups, including walking trails, sleeping suites, an indoor pool, and even a family room. The dogs frequently interact with volunteers and receive ample veterinary care.

Many of the dogs come from families facing unexpected financial strife or displacement from their homes, especially during the challenging circumstances related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Most importantly, however, the senior pups never have to worry about abandonment again.

“When we commit to a dog that comes to Marty’s Place, they do have a forever home,” Jakubcak explained. “That forever home can be here at the sanctuary, and when we can, we try to place a dog into a new adoptive home.”

While Marty’s Place is willing to be a forever home for all of its dogs, the organization is also devoted to showing people the value of adopting older dogs.

“People don’t realize how rewarding it can be to adopt a senior dog,” volunteer Rennie Rankin said. “They know, and they will show you endless love until their dying day.”