When a mother duck and her chicks became trapped on a roof, they had no access to food or water and risked dying in the cold.

A man nearby realized that the family urgently needed help and hastily took action to save them. He remained as quiet as possible to avoid stressing the ducks out even more, and so the mother wouldn’t panic and fly away as he climbed onto the roof using a ladder.

The man stealthily crawled along the edge of the roof and successfully retrieved the first chick, who was dangerously close to the edge. He then placed the freezing baby bird into a heated box that he’d brought with him.

One by one, the man rescued as many ducklings as he could get to – but there were more, hovering underneath an air conditioner with their mom. After setting up a cage for them, the man gently coaxed them out and waited for them to enter the cage, keeping as calm as possible to avoid scaring them away or back into hiding.

Thanks to his diligent and patient efforts, the adorable family was soon reunited.