During a heartwarming moment captured on video, a baby goat recently reunited with his mother after a day apart.

Ken Arceo and his family, who live in the Philippines, found the baby goat alone and took him in until they could find his herd, according to the New York Post — and luckily for all of us, Arceo posted a video of his 24 hours with the kid.

Arceo’s sister heard the goat’s cries and thought they came from a human child. But the family discovered a goat trapped in a pit and knew they had to help him.

They took him in for the evening and decided to search the village for his herd the next day, but didn’t know how to care for a baby goat. With help from the internet, Arceo and his family looked up how to keep a baby goat warm and what to feed him.

“I’ve googled that they are sensitive to cold, best I could give was body heat,” Arceo wrote in a Reddit post. “I’ve also learned that they are social creatures so sleeping right beside him on the sofa solved the intense crying.”

Intense rains foiled the plans to reunite the goat with his herd the next morning. But when the rain cleared up in the evening, Arceo and his family found a goat family roaming outside. Thinking the kid’s mother could be among the group, they put him on the ground. With the way that the kid sprinted toward one of the goats and immediately started to nurse, there was no doubt that he found his mother.

In the video’s description on YouTube, Acero wrote that he “really wanted to share this with everyone, hoping that it will inspire people to help the helpless unconditionally.”

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