A one-year-old Golden Retriever named Meadow reunited with her loving family after going missing for over a week in Andes, N.Y. thanks to a compassionate stranger with a drone.

When the pup disappeared in a wooded area, her guardians, Gary and Debbie Morgan, appealed to social media for help finding her. And a licensed hiking guide named Brian James decided to join the community search.

Armed with his drone, James made the nearly 90-minute trip from Cairo to help.

“I’m realizing that [it] might be easier to see her from the air if we find her before snow [falls],” he said in a video while looking for Meadow.

James saw a white spot on his drone camera and found the puppy on the very same day he started searching. He rushed through the woods to retrieve her.

Thankfully, Meadow was unharmed. Ten days after vanishing, she finally went home.

“Everybody’s got the capability to help,” James told ABC’s World News Tonight when asked about the motivation behind his good deed. “You never know what will come of it.”

Thank you, James, for making the world a more compassionate place and reuniting a scared puppy with her caring forever family.