VIDEO – Kind Homeless Man Climbs Cliff to Rescue Dog in Danger

Hunter the dog was riding in a car with his owner when he suddenly jumped out of the open window and landed on a steep cliff. Trapped in ivy, he fortunately did not roll down to what could have been his death — but he was also hopelessly stuck with no way to get down.

Firefighters and Washington state troopers arrived on the scene, but help also came from a very unlikely source — a homeless man who happened to be in the area. The brave and good-hearted man climbed up the hill and brought the frightened dog down to safety.

Hunter went to the vet, and is doing just fine.

Thank you, kind man, for helping this dog in danger.


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  1. Nini

    God bless you, Kind Man!! You are a HERO!!! Thank you so much for saving this precious dog… we love you, Sir!!

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      TRUE !!

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  2. Rachael Markson

    Why am I not surprised..I wonder how many people didn’t or wouldn’t help, and this man who has nothing steps forward. Society has many homeless people labeled so unfairly it breaks my heart. I really hope the owner and others offered this kind man something..hopefully a good meal. May God bless you for saving that precious dog. Sure wish you could see this.

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    • mr Grumpy

      it is often the selfless people who have nothing .. and the converse applies.

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    Dogs should be restrained in a car, especially with open windows, as a dog lover and boxer “tragic” this was just a dream come true really,. PLEASE restrain your dog!!!!

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  4. Mac Norfleet

    May God Forever Bless This Wonderful Homeless Man, A True Guardian Angel, And “Hunter”, ,The Dog Whom This Guardian Was There To Save. Sincerely, -Mac Norfleet.

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  5. ruth ludgater

    What a kind and brave man to rescue terrified Hunter. Please keep dogs harnessed and seatbelted when travelling in cars.

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  6. Elizabeth

    And as the family and their beloved doggie drove off into the sunset, the homeless man (of which the article does not even provide a name) was left to once again fend for himself, without roof over head for shelter nor food for sustenance nor a family of his own.

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  7. Ellen

    Thank’s so much to him!!! I wonder if anyone helped him?

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  8. Marifel malacara

    Stories like this make me hopeful that there is still some good in people’s hearts.
    Thank you so much to this kind and compassionate man who risked his life to save this poor dog.

    Let us keep on doing good and encourage people to do what is right and punish those cruel and evil people who blatantly want to do harm!

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  9. laurielyne kavin

    Thank all of you for helping this dog. Thank goodness it dropped where it did or it may have died. The most IMPORTANT thing is that this homeless man should be given ”something’ ‘anything’ for risking his life to save this trapped dog. Thank you sooooooooo much and God Bless you for risking your life and I hope you are fortunate enough to get paid back in a great way for what you did. Thanks from me and my dog!!!!! Laurielynne & Cherubfranklyn

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  10. Juliette

    It is so wonderful to see and know that someone who has lost so much can have the integrity and empathy so many do not -Bravo to you!!

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    • juliette

      I wrote a reply before actually having watched the video. So, this man did what the firefighters should have done- had anyone even thought about helping this man in any way??

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  11. Glenys

    I hope the kind man was suitably rewarded and offered a home. God’s blessings to him from UK.

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  12. Naila M Sanchez

    God bless you, too! Beautiful words from you and everyone!! Thank you to our Hero gentleman!!

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