It’s not easy for a dog to survive being hit by a car. But thanks to Los Angeles rescue group Hope for Paws, Jezebel’s story has a happy ending.

When Hope for Paws received a call about a homeless pit bull that had been struck by a vehicle and was now huddled beneath a car in pain, they rushed to the scene. As the concerned caller looked on, a trained professional from the organization eased the pit bull from her hiding place using a gentle snare. He then tested the dog’s aggressiveness by using a towel to gauge her reaction. The injured pit bull growled and snapped from pain, so rescuers decided to transport her to the hospital in a cage.

Thankfully, the dog — now named Jezebel — had no broken bones, just severe bruising. She was administered pain meds and remained in the hospital until she had a clear bill of health.

After discharge, Jezebel was sent to training to become a breed ambassador for Hope for Paws and prove that pit bulls can be friendly, loving companion animals. Done with training, Jezebel is now ready for adoption.

For more information on how you can help dogs like Jezebel, visit the Hope for Paws website.