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Sad, Abused 17-Year-Old Cat Finds a Home – and Finally, Love

In this video, a dying cat named Cinnamon is given another chance at life and happiness. Cinnamon, who is 17 years old, spent the majority of her life as the cherished pet to an elderly couple. But when the elderly man and woman passed away, Cinnamon was left to the cruel care of relatives who abused her for years. When foster care providers later rescued Cinnamon, she was found to be dying of pancreatic cancer. The foster care workers attempted to take care of and love her, but she hissed and snapped and ran away at every opportunity. She...

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Baby Elephant Rescued After Mother Shot Right in Front of Him

When the rescue team from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust received a call about a mother elephant who had been shot right in front of her terrified baby, they rushed to the scene in Kirisia Forest in Northern Kenya. As the above video shows, the mother and her calf were found pacing back and forth in a panic. A trained specialist darted the mother and calf with a tranquilizer, and the team then raced to assess the hurt mother who had a shattered leg from a bullet. Sadly, experts declared the injury too severe and euthanized her. After the...

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Sad, Lonely Baby Dolphin Shows True Cruelty of Marine Parks (VIDEO)

In this sad video shot at the Loro Parque marine park in Spain, a baby dolphin repeatedly bobs up and down in the water and swims in circles after performing in a show and being left alone in small pool. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent and friendly creatures on earth, and this animal’s behavior is a clear sign of the psychological and emotional distress that is all too common at marine parks around the world. Due to their ability to jump and mimic human noises, dolphins are commonly forced into entertainment against their will. This video shows...

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Dog with Mange so Bad He Had Scales instead of Fur Finally Finds Loving Forever Home (VIDEO)

Augustus the (formerly) stray dog was found roaming the streets alone and extremely neglected. In fact, he was so badly deteriorated that all of his fur had fallen out and his skin was covered in scales from mange. Augustus was finally rescued from the streets, and treated with medicated baths and coconut oil. Slowly but surely, his fur started to grow back. Once Augustus was healed, a loving family adopted him. Now, he is living happily ever after in his forever home. With continued kindness from strangers and rescue organizations, more dogs like Augustus can have a chance at...

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Video – Stray Pit Bull Hit by Car Gets 2nd Chance at Life

It’s not easy for a dog to survive being hit by a car. But thanks to Los Angeles rescue group Hope for Paws, Jezebel’s story has a happy ending. When Hope for Paws received a call about a homeless pit bull that had been struck by a vehicle and was now huddled beneath a car in pain, they rushed to the scene. As the concerned caller looked on, a trained professional from the organization eased the pit bull from her hiding place using a gentle snare. He then tested the dog’s aggressiveness by using a towel to gauge her...

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