After having his ears removed due to cysts, 9-and-a-half year-old Otitis became deaf. His previous owner surrendered him to a shelter after the surgery, where he became lonely. Luckily, Otitis caught the eye of a woman named Molly Lichtenwalner. Molly, who suffers from anxiety due to a car accident, adopted the kitty. He comforts her during panic attacks and when she’s stressed. The two are inseparable!

Molly specifically sought an adult cat with special needs, and Otitis was the perfect match for her. He’s an affectionate companion who constantly cuddles his human companion. In fact, Molly states that sometimes, Otitis is the only thing that calms her down.

The curious cat is always wondering what his owner is up to. He’s constantly by Molly’s side, providing her with much-needed emotional support.

This special story of companionship shows that sometimes, rescued animals save humans, too — according to Molly, adopting Otitis is the best decision she’s ever made!