When a motorcycle struck a baby elephant in eastern Thailand’s Chanthaburi province, emergency responder Mana Srivate sprang into action, rushing into the street to provide CPR to the injured calf.

As a 26-year veteran rescue worker, Srivate had resuscitated patients numerous times. But this was his first-ever attempt at performing CPR on an elephant. He was called to the scene while off-duty but didn’t hesitate to try to save the animal’s life.

“When the baby elephant [was] starting to move, I almost cried,” Srivate said.

It took 10 minutes for the animal to regain alertness and stand on his own. He was rushed to emergency treatment and later released near the accident scene, in hopes that he would reunite with his herd. And thankfully, it appears as though the family is back together.

Lady Freethinker thanks Srivate for his diligent efforts, which saved a beautiful elephant’s life.