Posted to Twitter by WidLense, an incredible viral video of seven majestic elephants drinking together in India shows just how previous wildlife is.

At first glance, it appears that there are four elephants clustered together, but then a baby elephant pops into view from behind. The herd turns to walk away from the water when two other calves come into the shot, bringing the final elephant count to seven.

This is an intriguing insight into the daily lives of these giant mammals. During the summer an adult Indian elephant can drink around 53 gallons every day, so the herd needs to stay close to water. Elephant trunks have no bones, but contain a surprising 150,000 muscles which enable them to twist and grasp so they can collect food and drink.

They also protect their young while drinking and bathing, which is why the baby elephants were not originally visible in the video.

This fantastic video reminds us that wildlife can astonish us simply by interacting with their natural environments. There is no need for circus shows, elephant rides, or any other cruel tricks and performances.