VIDEO: Elephant Washed 10 Miles Out to Sea Saved from Drowning

Washed nearly 10 miles out to sea, an elephant was spotted struggling for their life off the northeastern coast of Kokilai, a town in the Mullaitivu District of Sri Lanka.

It is believed that the elephant was trying to cross the Kokkilai lagoon, but was washed away by the strong current.

A Sri Lankan naval vessel spotted the mammal in the water, and called for backup in what turned into a 6-hour rescue. Although elephants are excellent swimmers, this animal could have easily drowned so many miles out in the ocean.

Thankfully, the elephant was brought safely to shore and given immediate medical attention.

Much appreciation to the Sri Lankan navy for saving this majestic, endangered animal.


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  1. DJ

    If I had more than 2 thumbs, they would all be up in the air…sincere appreciation to all those who helped get this big fella back to safety 🙂

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  2. Naila M. Sanchez

    Praise these wonderful people of this Navy!! Sri Lanka, Hurray!! God bless these Heroes AND this precious elephant!!!

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    • Monica

      This story brings tears to my eyes, thank God for these beautiful people. It’s amazing that God allowed them to be in the right place at the right time. I pray that he is recovering peacefully so that he can be released back into the wild. God is good!!!

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  3. Jacqueline Green

    Fantastic job. Well done all those involved.

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  4. Ellen Curley

    Thank you to the Sri Lankan navy. They have restored my faith in humanity!!!!!

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    • karen langlois

      How true!!! Bless them for not ignoring this poor elephant!!

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  5. Rachael Markson

    I wish I had a way of contacting them directly by email to thank them for saving that beautiful elephant! Im going to look on line for maybe an I don’t think they see these comments. God bless all of them! Thank you God for these wonderful people!

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    • Rachael Markson Here’s a link (Hope it works) to their site..looks like they rescued two more stranded elephants..these people are wonderful! Email address is also on the website.

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    • Barbara Perry

      The Sri Lankan Navy rescued a second pair of elephants recently. Their address, phone numbers & eddress were posted at the end of the video. [email protected]. will ne sending them my Bravo note!

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      • Rachael Markson

        Hi Barbara..I did the same thing but my email was returned as undeliverable : ( I really wanted to thank them. I hope your email got thru!

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  6. jenny

    I love it when HUMANS do good! Thank you all for saving this wonderful elephant!!!!!!!

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  7. Cynthia Trexler

    You were God’s angels of mercy sent to help this baby elephant.
    Thank you so much for your heroic rescue.

    God bless you abundantly for rescuing this helpless creature.

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  8. GILLIAN phillips

    Great to know there are compassionate people in this world after all, when all we seem to read about is cruel nasty people who enjoy hurting animals .

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  9. Karen Giorgio

    t’s is refreshing to read a story like this and know there are caring people in our world. Thank you for saving this poor elephant. It helps renew faith in humanity.

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    thank god for the sri lanka navy for spotting and getting the help needed in saving this majestic elephant.

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  11. MS

    Excellent job — thank you a million times for rescuing this sweetie — you did good! — very good!

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