While riding out on the salt flats one day, Matt Bentley discovered a famished, ailing dog with almost all her fur gone. He immediately took her to the Utah Animal Adoption Center, where her path to healing got underway. While there, she was named Kelly.

Despite what she’d been through, Kelly was eager to recover and start her life anew. She was cooperative and sweet throughout her treatment, during which time her fur grew back.

Three months after being rescued, Kelly was well enough for adoption. She was given a forever home by Jamie Jacques, a volunteer at the rescue center.

Kelly instantly fit in and became buddies with her new brother, a goldendoodle named Rocky.

Fifteen months after being rescued, Kelly visited with Matt Bentley, who was amazed at her transformation. Bentley and Jacques both teared up during the heartwarming reunion, and once you see it for yourself, you might, too. Watch this video to see Kelly and Bentley meet for the first time since her rescue!