Koru, a rescued dog meat survivor, recently traveled all the way from Seoul to San Francisco to escape slaughter and meet her new forever family, with the help of a caring friend.

Miyoko Schinner, the founder and CEO of Miyoko’s Creamery, a non-dairy company known for its plant-based cheese and butter, teamed up with In Defense of Animals and its partner Jindo Love Rescue to save innocent canines like Koru from South Korea’s brutal dog meat trade.

Motivated to change widespread perceptions of animals who are raised and killed for food, Schinner accompanied Koru on her flight, showing that all animals deserve our respect and compassion.

“Dogs might not be the first animals who come to mind when we talk about farmed animals, but they are sadly also victims of people’s desire for meat,” Schinner said in a press release provided to Lady Freethinker. “I hope people look at Koru, and come to understand that she’s just like other unique and individual animals who are exploited and killed by the billions in animal agriculture every year.”

With an estimated 2 million canines killed in South Korea’s dog meat trade every year, the lifesaving work of escorting dog meat rescues to their new homes is crucial to preventing their needless deaths. Lady Freethinker stands with the dedicated activists and organizations who tirelessly work to unite dogs with their adoptive families, especially amid coronavirus travel limitations.