VIDEO: Dog Rescued from Being Hopelessly Stuck Between 2 Walls

When rescuer Pradeep Nair of Animal Warriors India arrived at the scene, this dog was so hopelessly stuck between two walls that it couldn’t move its body an inch.

Despite the harrowing situation, however, the dog warmly greeted its rescuer, seemingly comforted by gentle a gentle head petting.

Resourceful Nair cut through the wall, successfully freeing the poor dog from this potentially deadly predicament. It is believed that the dog had been climbing on top of one of the walls, and fallen down.

Thank you, rescuers, for giving this dog a second chance at life.



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  1. Rachael Markson

    May God bless you.. You are wonderful..! I hope you see these comments somehow??

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  2. Pam Bean

    Fantastic rescue, God bless you for being kind and thoughtful.

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  3. Monica

    My God continue to bless you for the wonderful and kind things you do. This animal is allowed to see that there are still caring and kindhearted people still left in the world. I pray one day soon others can and will see that all lives matters! (Including animals).

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  4. Marifel Malacara

    Success stories such as this make me cry for joy! Thank you SO much for your compassion and helping this poor dog. God bless you!

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  5. Ellen curley

    Thank you so much!!! I’m so grateful to see people that care for animals!!! It gives hope that the world is worth living in!!

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  6. Martha Coellen

    thank you you are good people, thank you

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  7. Patrease Durgin

    That’s so wonderful!!! I wish that all people would be this caring about animals!!!

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  8. MS

    Beautiful — job well done — think of the relief and comfort you gave this dog — he surely is thankful — THANK YOU.

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