One night, a seven-year-old puppy mill dog was abandoned outside of a Florida animal shelter. Emaciated and unable to use her legs, Winnie’s future looked grim to her rescuers, who had little hope that the pup would ever walk again.

After being rescued, Winnie was taken in by foster mom Stephanie Gordon, who was undeterred by the dog’s challenges. Gordon resolved to do whatever it took to restore Winnie’s health, strength, and spirit.

Winnie shocked her rescuers and caretakers by kicking all four of her legs when she was placed in water. Determined to help Winnie walk again, Gordon built a custom cart for her. Although Winnie’s foster mom believed in her, it still came as a surprise when Winnie was placed into her cart and immediately became mobile.

After Winnie started using her cart to move around, vets estimated that she could regain full use of her legs in three months’ time. Just a few weeks after Winnie began using her cart, she took her first steps on her own. Now, Winnie runs unassisted at lightning speed!

Winnie has been officially adopted by her foster parents and continues to thrive. Thanks to Gordon’s dedication and Winnie’s resilience, the pup’s life is better than anyone could’ve imagined the night she was abandoned.