As social distancing policies and stay-at-home orders require us to find creative ways to stay busy, Andy Imbimbo and his wife are teaching their goldendoodle, Dundie, some new tricks.

The 31-year-old youth pastor from Union Township, N.J. can be seen playing tic-tac-toe and other games with Dundie in a few of his now-viral videos, using dog treats to help the pup make his selections. The clever canine even wins a few games!

“We decided to have some fun and play games with our puppy,” Imbimbo told the Daily Mail. “We came up with the idea on the spot.”

Clips also show Dundie completing a series of obstacles made out of rolls of toilet paper. Imbimbo and his wife started small, setting up just one row of rolls for the dog to leap over. As he defeated each challenge, the couple made the hurdle higher, until finally, Dundie barreled through the toilet paper.

“Dundie loves that we are home!,” Imbimbo said. “He gets long walks and lots of attention, so I am sure he will be sad when we have to go back to our normal schedules.”

Adorable stories like this remind us of the rewarding bonds we should always strive to share with our animal companions — especially now, while we have the opportunity to spend extra time with them.