Nitro the dog was found on the side of a river and taken to a shelter. Christina and her husband, Chris, who happened to already own three dogs, received a call from a friend about the deaf puppy. The couple didn’t have any experience caring for a deaf dog. Christina left the decision about whether to adopt Nitro up to her husband and was surprised when he said: “I think we should go for it!”

According to Christina, Nitro was “detached” upon his arrival at his new home. She thought that perhaps the couple was “in over their heads.” They Googled how to care for a deaf dog, only to discover very little helpful information.

Instead of causing the couple to give up, this lack of guidance inspired Christina and Chris to take matters into their own hands by successfully teaching sign language to Nitro. They were also compelled to start a non-profit organization called Deaf Dogs Rock. Knowing that deaf dogs were being placed in shelters all over the United States and being put to sleep, they financially sponsored the transfer of 350 deaf dogs from kill shelters to special needs rescues. Over 3,000 adoptions have occurred since Christina and Chris have started their organization!

The couple has since expanded their own family as the result of their heroic efforts. After agreeing to foster three deaf dogs named Bud, Cornell, and Bowie, they became permanent fixtures in Christina and Chris’s lives.

The couple’s message is a very simple one: deaf dogs are worth it.