Rosie the cat, born in 2013, found herself at Purrfect Pals Cat Shelter in Arlington, Washington after her first two adoptive families returned her. It was important that Rosie was placed in the care of someone who understood her “cattitude” and had the patience for her need for time to adjust.

Life at the shelter made Rosie unhappy and grumpy – so much so that several days into her third (and final) stay at the shelter, she took matters into her own paws. Resolving to find her forever home, Rosie stood on her hind feet pawed at the glass on her cage as people walked past.

Little did Rosie know, she’d already caught the eye of a sweet couple who’d asked about her earlier in the week and stopped by the shelter to see her. Ron surprised his wife, Betty, by suggesting that they take Rosie home. The couple had lost a cat due to cancer a few years earlier and hadn’t owned one since. Rosie was a perfect fit for the couple, who had no young children in the home and only planned to have one pet.

Rosie’s story is a reminder that there’s a perfect match for every shelter animal in need of a forever home!