Born with only one eye and a malformed jaw that caused him to have a snaggletooth, Willie stood out from the other kittens in his litter — but when cat lover Kristen first laid eyes on him, she knew they were meant for one another.  Kristen thought he was adorable and gave him a forever home!

Despite his physical differences, Willie is healthy and happy. Kristen shares her bed with Willie and they snuggle to sleep together every night. The two are clearly devoted to one another. Kristen wears a necklace displaying Willie’s baby snaggletooth; and he not only checks on her frequently while she’s at home, but waits by the front door for her return anytime she leaves!

Kristen and Willie’s touching story proves that animals with disabilities can be just as loving and loyal as any other pet. Too often, prospective pet parents pass up on the opportunity to adopt a faithful companion because of perceived “imperfections,” which actually give the animal more character. Willie demonstrates that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes — sometimes, even with one eye and a snaggletooth.